Meeting Spencer

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Emma meeting Spencer 9 Jun 17  Sweet face  Close up of Spencer

Yesterday morning, we picked up Spencer.  She is a 7-week-old Vizsla puppy who will begin training right away.  Our goal is that she becomes a Support Dog for me.  We will immediately begin socializing her around people and other animals.

She begins her Puppy Training Class the second week in July, when she will be ten weeks old, and have most of her puppy shots.  That will include very basics of knowing her name, sit, coming when called, watch me (or focus), walking on a loose leash, basic manners and problem prevention, leave it, take it, drop it, and avoiding distractions.  Of course these commands will not be perfected in the puppy class, just introduced and practiced.

Then she will take an intermediate class where those commands will be perfected, adding more distractions, duration, and distance.  We will add more commands such as heel, stand, stay, waiting at doors, prolonged sits and downs, take it, and release.  We will also begin adding commands that will help her to be of service for me.

Her third set of classes will be the Advanced Class.  We will continue to strengthen and perfect all previous commands.  We will work on manners and behavior while out and about, sitting politely for petting, advanced heeling with distractions, and transition away from training aids and treats.  We will work on anything needed to prepare her to earn the American Kennel Club 10-step test toward a Canine Good Citizen certification.

Because of my health issues, and my being confined to an electric chair,  my teenage daughter Abigail will be helping me, and doing the majority of the physical training with Spencer.  We are super excited to begin this journey and will keep you updated through both of our blogs: and .